Make a Man Fall in Love: Allow Him

Always eager to please. Do you know that when a man wants to help you and you don’t allow him to (mostly due to your own insecurities) this actually hurts him more than anything.

Why you ask?

He NEEDS to feel that he is needed and wanted. They love to know that you really want them in your life. When a man doesn’t feel wanted or needed, he will go elsewhere to get that feeling.

You can make a man fall in love by allowing him to love you the way that he wants to. If you does something for you, smile at him and thank him.

When a man tells you that he wants to do what you want to do, he means it. Chose a place to go and leave it at that. He will feel accomplished knowing that you are happy, because you chose the place to go.

Men love to know that they are pleasing their woman and allowing him to will make him fall in love with you.

Making you happy is very important to him. As hard as it is sometimes, you must allow him to please you. Let him love on you and appreciate the little things as well.

You come home from work and he calls you. He wants to take you on a weekend outing to an expensive resort. You already know that he is just now getting through hardship, so what do you do?

DO NOT say, “How are you going to afford this”? When you do that, this is how he will interpret it ‘she doesn’t want to be with me’. ‘I will never be good enough for her’.

Get the picture?

When he had the first idea to go to the resort, this is what he was thinking ‘I love her and want her to feel special’. ‘She is worth every penny of it’. ‘I want this to be something that she never will forget’.

See the contrast? Asking him how he will be able to afford it would be equivalent to hitting him in the stomach. That is how it feels, because he loves you and wants you to feel special.

A man will fall in love with a woman who allows him to do things for her. Regardless if you do know that he really can’t afford it, appreciating the fact that he loves you enough to make you feel like a queen, gives him fulfillment.

Allow a man to show affection as well. Some women shun a man from showing affection in public. It is understandable that there are boundaries and this can be discussed while at home, alone. Simple kisses and holding hands are examples of allowing him to show affection.

Believe it or not, men love to sincerely show affection and love to his woman. He loves her to feel loved, because in turn he feels that he is wanted and needed. ‘Allowing him’ will make a man fall in love with you and stay in love with you.

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