Show Him that He is Your Champion: How to Make a Man Fall in Love

There are many things that you can do to make a man fall in love with you. Being yourself is definitely the first step. Not to mention there are gestures that you can show him (and only him) that he is definitely the one for you.

Men need to feel special. They need to feel exclusive. Men need to feel like a champion. Your champion.

Whenever you are around all of his friends, this is really the best time to let your man feel like he is on top of the world. You need to show him that he is an amazing person.

You are around all of his buddies and all of a sudden, he softly pats your behind. This is your queue to make him feel special. Make eye contact and pull him close, then kiss him. Say “I love you, baby”. This is showing him that he is the best and can’t be beat. An A+ test around other guys.

Hey, do it with class though, because the point is not to be overly dramatic but sincere with love and admiration. That, my friend, is what makes a man fall in love with you.

Okay so you are out on the town and notice that there is this nice looking man staring at you. You are not paying much attention to him, however your man is. You notice what is going on in this situation. Turn to your man and just hold him for a minute. Let him know that he is the best-looking man in the world and casually kiss him and then smile at him. Tell him that you love him.

This shows him that he is the champion of your heart and you only have eyes for him. It also shows that other guy that you are happily taken.

Men love to feel like a champion. They love to feel like you need them around, too. Appreciate him more often, especially when he does little things.

Men also love to feel macho as well. When he does a deed that requires work, help him, thank him, and then tell him how strong he is and that you love that about him.

If you remember this one little secret, it will definitely encourage your man to fall in love with you. With knowing this secret, it will make everything so much easier as far as understanding, talking to and loving a man.

The secret is that ALL men are big kids inside. Imagine for a minute a little boy and the way he acts. They are so timid and eager to please. They light up when they are acknowledged. They are sensitive. Yes, very much so.

Society has seemingly built walls to make a man feel inferior. This is sad because there are men out there who long to fall in love with someone, but because they are inferior or have low self-esteem, it makes it almost impossible.

Make him feel special. Make him feel like a champ.

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