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Show Him that He is Your Champion: How to Make a Man Fall in Love

There are many things that you can do to make a man fall in love with you. Being yourself is definitely the first step. Not to mention there are gestures that you can show him (and only him) that he is definitely the one for you.

Men need to feel special. They need to feel exclusive. Men need to feel like a champion. Your champion.

Whenever you are around all of his friends, this is really the best time to let your man feel like he is on top of the world. You need to show him that he is an amazing person.

You are around all of his buddies and all of a sudden, he softly pats your behind. This is your queue to make him feel special. Make eye contact and pull him close, then kiss him. Say “I love you, baby”. This is showing him that he is the best and can’t be beat. An A+ test around other guys. Read more…

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