Wanna Know How to Make a Man Fall in Love? Ask Camilla!

There are few things Camilla Parker-Bowles could teach you. She can’t teach you how to dress; she dresses badly. She can’t tell you how to socialize; she’s little better than a wallflower. She can’t tell you how to sparkle; she herself lacks luster. There’s one thing she could teach you how to do, however, and it’s one thing she does very well — how to make a man fall in love.

Prince Charles had women – wealthy, dazzling, accomplished women – throwing themselves at his feet after his wife died. But who did he pick? Camilla, who despite an apparent lack of good looks, dazzles and mesmerizes. This confirms what history and books like The Women Men Adore… And Never Want To Leave have been hinting at all along: you don’t need good looks and mile-long legs to make men adore you.

Read on and find out how to make a man fall in love with you even if you’re as old and weather-beaten as Camilla.

1. Be witty.
The 16th-century Venetian courtesan Veronica Franco is said to have quoted, “Desire begins in the mind.” Who are we to doubt the great Franco? After all, men did not just pay her for a roll in the hay, they also paid separately for the pleasure of conversing with her. Clearly, be witty and make intelligent conversation should rank number one is all “how to make a man fall in love with you” guides.

2. Work on your pick-up line.
Rumor has it that Camilla piqued Prince Charles’ interest when she said, “My great-grandmother was your great-great-grandfather’s mistress. How about it?” Work on your clever opening and watch men go from disinterested to fascinated. If you’re a musician, you could approach another musician with “I think we can make beautiful music together.” Often, the greatest pick-up lines are the most outrageous ones.

3. Don’t be desperate to commit.
It’s reverse psychology. If he doesn’t know where he stands with you, he’ll do everything to win you. So master the art of going into battle and then pulling back. Advance, retreat, advance — no matter how many steps you step back or forward, he will want to pursue you.

There are things you don’t learn in kindergarten, things only real life can teach you. How to make a man fall in love is one of them.

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